Thursday, October 23, 2003

My grandma's funeral was quite sad. I was only partly cheered up by the strange customs the catholic church has. For example: They kept referring to "the next person whose turn it is". This evoked the mental image of a) people playing Russian roulette or b) Death standing there and pointing his bony skeletal finger: YOU! and people going: No, take HIM! No, HER! and pushing each other forward or c) people standing in line at one of these take-a-number-machines with a huge sign that says DEATH. The device ding changes to the next number and people stealthily check their tickets to see if their number has come up. Anyway.

Now for something completely different. More cheerful, too (possibly). My Saturday date called again this evening and the conversation was actually quite fun. He had called me on Tuesday and I was kind of worried because the conversation then somewhat got on my nerves. Today was fine, though. So I'm actually looking forward to Saturday now. Sortofkindof.

And since I am already looking forward to tomorrow that means things can and will go wrong. Yikes. What will happen? It's supposed to snow and I have no snow tires. Maybe it's me whose time will come up tomorrow. Hit by the Muse tour bus? I actually seem to know the tour manager (thank you for pointing that out, Sven) which probably means I could have gotten in for free, so I can probably chalk that up to "bad experience" and thus equalize my karma. Then again, maybe I wouldn't have gotten in for free, so I'll slip on a banana peel in front of the stage and break a leg. Yup, that must be it.

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