Thursday, July 01, 2004

The other day, somebody called me who I hadn't seen in a long time. He was in Munich and why shouldn't he come over and visit? Long time no see after all. I wondered a little because we hadn't been real close but hey, why not? Then he arrived and we really didn't have much to say and it was rather awkward. Then he started talking about how it was really important to have good insurance these days...

Aha. That's why you came over. To sell me insurance. Bah humbug! If you can't make money without pestering your old "friends" maybe you should choose some other profession. I wouldn't even buy insurance off him if I thought he was competent (which I don't). And I sure as hell won't make time for meeting him again.

Also: One shouldn't get up too early as it was pretty nice weather when I got up. I dressed for sunshine. For warmth. For dry good weather. Toddled around in the apartment, humming merrily (cats cowering under the couch), but then the weather got nasty, I had to change clothes and my bright mood dimmed considerably. That's where I am now. Sitting at work, waiting for rain, mood = dim.

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