Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I've been sick the last two days - not enough hydration ... I hate drinking. Strange because I like eating and whenever I'm eating out I'm always drinking a lot. Only at home or in the office do I feel reluctant to drink. Anyway, I applied my trusty Winnie-the-Pooh hot-water bottle and am feeling somewhat better. Only one thing:

Remind me next time when I say: "Oh, I'm not taking my headache medicine, I guess it'll go away during the night" that it NEVER GOES AWAY and I'll end up stumbling through the darkness, additionally blinded by the knifes that are tearing through my brain, until I finally find the headache pills and dump a whole handful into my mouth (counting is out of the question). I know that that is what ALWAYS happens but I still try now and then. Note to myself: Don't. Headache medicine is good for you - migraine sucks.

It's still lurking somewhere in my brain - I probably should step away from the computer and sleep. I'll leave you a fun link to try out:

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