Sunday, July 07, 2002

Back again. Went to a friend´s place to have dinner and discuss men.
Since she was left by her boyfriend she is a fountain of wisdom regarding self-help books.
So we all swapped theories about the difference in male and female brains:
"You know, it´s all about evolution. They used to go out and hunt and then stare into the fire. And that´s what they still do."

Are all men like that? Is it in their nature? At least some of them should be able to overcome those genetic shortcomings...though we are growing more and more doubtful.

It´s not only men, though. It should not really matter to us but we found out we`re also ashamed of women who sing in front of 5000 people but cannot hold ONE SINGLE NOTE.

Plus, a freak text message had us meet Mark, who is going to Sylt with Stephen, but we lost him as the message was deleted out of confusion what to answer...
It could have been the beginning of a wonderful friendship, but alas! It comes and goes.

At least we got rid of all the lemon tarts we made on Friday. Thank you to all who took some off our hands.

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