Monday, July 08, 2002

Been thinking about this man-woman thing...
I am not a radical feminist yabbering on about how poor women are suppressed by evil men.
The point is that there is no equality between the sexes.
Why should there be? Men and women are different. But that is no excuse for persisting in adversive behavior, excusing it with evolutionary development.
This goes for both men and women.

For one thing: The argument that women should decide between motherhood and career and not juggle both is beside the point.
There should not be any problem with that, provided the men share some of the responsibility which they often don´t.

On the other hand it should also be OK for a woman NOT to have a career if they choose to.
There you go. Does that make any sense?

Feeling kind of woozy from all this serious thinking...(female brain overheating - we are very sensitive :)

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