Friday, November 07, 2003

Post-Celebration Blog Entry

Felt a little bit woozy all day yesterday (for no apparent reason *ahem*) so I just vegged on the couch, not lifting a finger. Hence I need to blog today what went through my mind yesterday. Might be a little bit non-linear.

First: a fun link, even if it takes a bit long to load:

End of the World as we know it


I was watching the European MTV awards yesterday and here are my thoughts:

  • Beforehand, the viewers were warned the show might contain offensive material. Now isn't it basically a requirement for starlets to wear as little as possible and for rock stars to vomit on stage? Why does MTV issue these warnings - it's pointless. OK, there was a part with COMPLETE FRONTAL NUDITY (gasp).
  • In the morning, when he was painting a blue stripe across his face, Michael Stipe probably didn't foresee he was going to be "interviewed" by Kelly Osbourne about hair products and the fact that Christina Aguilera wouldn't talk to her. Just saying.
  • Do I want to see Justin Timberlake on stage when Robbie Williams is also nominated? Can you spell "rethorical question"?
  • Christina Aguilera increasingly looks like a roast chicken.
  • The nudity bit was lame - it was supposed to look like the bit in "Hair", but the producers didn't stop to think that nobody in the audience had even heard of "Hair". Therefore it looked rather pointless. Nude people were holding signs that said "No war" (how YESTERDAY) and then lifted them over their head. Some of the sign holders were trying to cover their genitals with their hands. How pathetic.
  • I really don't like the White Stripes and they suck live. At least they were singing live, most people were only lip-synching. Badly, I might add.
  • Realized I had never seen Vin Diesel before. Then realized that really wasn't a problem.
  • Funny part: Chris Pontius announcing the White Stripes had won and when they got up, yelling "No, it's Coldplay, really." Heh heh. Otherwise: Jackass sucks, too.
  • Embarassing moment: when MTV Germany pretended its VJs were live on stage "Hello Edinburgh!" while nobody in their right mind would have mistaken the three amused onlookers in the background for the crowd in the main show.

Other than that:

I am going on holiday!

One week, all inclusive, Turkey. Yay! See you next Friday.

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