Sunday, January 25, 2004

Weekend Update

a) Friday

Embarrassing day at the office. Not really horrible, but a good impression that didn't make, no, it did not. Plus, trouble with a client that I had to sort out, overall sucky.

Then I went and had pizza with M., T. and U. which calmed me down. That and the expensive Campari Orange. 5 Euros well invested, though. Afterwards we went to the movies and saw Mambo Italiano which was quite amusing - not very deep, sort of like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, only gay. Very fun over-the-top set decoration (BRIGHT COLOURS) and direction, a little bit overacting, but still OK and you can even take guys ("Two men kissssssssing, ewwww!") to see it as the gay relationship is not depicted in any graphic detail. If you didn't like "Greek Wedding", are offended by any stereotyping of ethnic communities (Italians, in that case), or can't stand to see gays in any movie, don't go. Otherwise I thought it quite enjoyable.

b) Saturday

Rather inexplicable bad mood. Finished Shipping News which I liked but would have rather read in English as I kept pondering the language, wondering how certain things had been translated which detracted from the overall reading experience. Went to Wal-Mart and was harrassed by people wearing training suits. Bought Pirates of the Caribbean. The cashier forgot to take it out of its little safety case, though, which vexed me greatly when I discovered it at home. Went to bed still grumbling.

c) Sunday, i.e. today

Had brunch with my parents and an experience with public transportation which made me remember why I always take the car. The brunch was at the airport restaurant. Now the trip back should have taken 40 minutes but we ended up in the train for almost two hours. First the train stood around at a station for ages. Then they announced they had trouble with the tracks and at each station we had to wait for the opposite train to pass on our track. Then they announced they had had a suicide warning and had to go real slow. That took the better part of an hour. And then they announced that they wouldn't stop at any more stops but go straight to the last stop. Hello? Where's the logic in that? I didn't particularly care as I had to go to the last stop but my parents needed to get out before, so they had to go to the last stop and then back. Yee-Haw! What fun!!

At least I got to start Middlesex and so far I really like it.

Went to work at the little safety case of the Pirates DVD using
1. a screwdriver
2. a little saw
3. a big-ass wrench
and managed to finally get it open. Arrrr!!

Had pasta and some wine. Life is good again.

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