Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's raining, I haven't been to the doctor yet but I am feeling somewhat resigned about everything and don't really care. And I'm hungry. Working wreaks havoc with food issues - I'm much too lazy to prepare stuff beforehand. Each morning I spend 2 Euros at the bakery and just buy crap to tide me over until lunch / dinner / whatever snack's in my desk drawer at the time. And most of the time I don't really have time / want to shop for fresh ingredients or don't feel like cooking at all. Good nutrition is a word (two, strictly speaking) I have to look up in the dictionary. This reminds me of a show at EPCOT where the food groups sing various 60s songs with the lyrics changed to instil an urge to go out and buy broccoli. "I'm talkin' 'bout good nutrition. Good, good, good, good nutrition" (sung to the tune of "Good vibrations" in case you were* wondering).

*note: I just corrected a typo and a trend I've come to discover in recent times: my typos start reflecting the stereotypic Germanic spelling that's often used in novels ("Ja, you vere vondering vot zis is all about") Wonder what that means..

Speaking of food, yesterday I prepared a delicious Wok dinner. Yum Wok. And tomorrow I'm going out to the Indian restaurant again. They already know us and greet us with handshakes. However, we've witnessed people being greeted with kisses - that's the ultimate goal!!!) I'm getting hungry writing all this. Let's open the drawer - M&M's. Goody.

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