Tuesday, August 24, 2004

No wonder my mood is rotten - I feel like total crap. I have hot and cold flashes and my heart beats like crazy. This in turn makes me feel really antsy all the time, as if I'm nervous or stressed out. People are asking me whether something bothers me all the time - apparently I also look stressed. I couldn't sleep very well the other night and I am rather tired. These are all symptoms I had last when the hyperthyroidism was in full bloom, hence I suppose there's something wrong with my thyroid hormones. I wanted to go to the doctor today but I overslept :(

Other than that, my mood is just crap in general, my knees hurt, I have sore muscles, I'm nervous that my client won't like the report I wrote, the cat's eye is still sore and I'm worrying about personal stuff, too. Yadda yadda yadda complain complain complain whine whine whine whinge whinge whinge. I like the word "whinge".

What I hate hate hate is when people mistakenly capitalize the German word "Sie". It's not really hard. "Sie" is ONLY capitalized at the beginning of a sentence AND WHEN IT ADRESSES THE READER DIRECTLY. "sie" means a group of people. So if you capitalize it it looks like you're adressing me, you putz! I feel annoyed by that because I feel responsible for crap that's none of my business. Get. It. In. Your. Head!

Example: Discussion about the Iraq War.

"Die Amerikaner. Werden sie den Irak angreifen?"
"The Americans. Will they attack Iraq?"

"Die Amerikaner. Werden Sie den Irak angreifen?"
"The Americans. Will YOU attack Iraq?"

See the difference? And NO, I am not going to attack Iraq, thankyouverymuch. This is how huge diplomatic misunderstandings arise and more importantly, my already stressed nerves get even more frayed than they already are.

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