Friday, September 11, 2009

Code Blue (WikiLink)

What's it about?
Flying doctors. Well, actually interns who want to get on the brand new shiny Doctor!Helicopter. But they are all stupid. Except for YamaPi, who is some kind of genius. But especially the girls. And that guy with the glasses.

What do I say?
OK, this pretty much tries to be "ER", but isn't really. I personally - but that might be my western world view - was totally annoyed by the fact that all the other characters (especially the girls) were whiny idiots, and that the YamaPi character couldn't do anything wrong. So all the episodes were like "Stupid idiot does stupid things and then YamaPi glares at them and saves the day". And the medical mysteries - "House" it ain't either; even I had been yelling "M√ľnchhausen syndrome" at the TV for some time when they recognized that one case. So a bit of lack of excitement, there.

Much has already been written in various places about how ridiculous the too young actors look as doctors, and about the bangs of Erika Toda and Gakki, so I'm not saying anything about that (even if I agree). But I liked the girls, overall, and I liked the guy with the glasses, and I liked the gruff Not!Dr Cox, and I liked YamaPi. Plus, I cried at the scene with his Grandma. So this gets an OK with a tendency towards the top of the OK list.

Stay away from the special, though, which promises a lot ("TRAIN ACCIDENT DEAD PEOPLE BLOOD") and does not really deliver. Which actually is the case with most jdorama specials. Well, not the promise of a train accident, but you get my drift.

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