Wednesday, January 08, 2003

I have to second Uli's thoughts about the cellphones somehow. On the other hand, they can be rather useful as I discovered the other day when I had forgotten mine somewhere and was forced to spend the whole day without it. That, of course, was the day I forgot where I was supposed to meet some people and hence had to look for a phone booth for god's sake.

But nothing is more disconcerting than a non-ringing cellphone, I agree. Not that anybody was trying to call me. I am just saying.

Today, Uli and me went and started on her quest to become Sporty Spice...sometimes I would more agree with said Spice Girl's statement that one would rather be Fat and Lazy Spice, but actually today it was quite fun. Need to go out and exercise more, I guess. Takes your mind off things, which we both really are in dire need of.

While her phone is not ringing, I am perpetually suspended in a state of shocked limbo, sort of. But it is not Happy Limbo I mentioned a couple of posts earlier...I can't really describe what I mean. I feel sort of strange/weird/mysterious/undecided/whatever. Plus, my stomach really hurts and I think I might be developing an ulcer. Great. Just what I need.

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