Thursday, January 09, 2003

Just came back from seeing the Two Towers again - holds up even better the second time around, I must say. This time we got to see it without talking neighbors (but only after we shushed them up...what is it with those people???) While I still did not like the Ent effects, I must say I have a little soft spot in my heart for the Ent who douses his head in the stream after being set on fire.

On the subject of trees...I am in distress for my little Bonsai. Since I took his Christmas decorations away, he has never been the same and is starting to lose his leaves. I sincerely hope he will recover. Please include him in your nighttime prayers, if you may.

Apart from that, today pretty much everything that could go wrong, actually did. But I have decided not to let stupid things get me down anymore to enhance my outlook on life and thus to make the world a better place for everyone around me. A little deal of mine I cut with the universe, by the way. Now I guess I'll just have to wait and see what comes of this.

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