Sunday, February 23, 2003

Diarific notes:

Yesterday's party was fun, and I had way too much to drink to still be able to blog. (Notice a theme here? I am substituting alcohol for food intake. Not hungry at all at the moment.)

Received another call yesterday and it seems like at least one person's love life seems to be on the upswing at the moment. Actually, make that two. Me, I'm still waiting for the lotto jackpot, though. Hey, the luck has to go somewhere!!

Random Thought:

Some of you know this train of thought already, but I want to let everybody know. Hidden TalentsTM. I have this theory that everybody probably is good at something. So if I haven't found anything that I'm really good at, that just means it has to be something I've never tried out yet. Example: I picked playing golf as my Hidden TalentTM. That means I am so good at golf, if I ever tried it I'd put all others to shame. Naturally, I wouldn't want to do that. Hence, I'll never play golf, keep my Hidden TalentTM hidden and everybody is happy. Now it's your turn to pick your hidden talent. What do you think you would be really good at? Remember: It has to be something you've never tried before and you will never try it in your life....If you want to, you can share in the poseurs.

Poetry in Motion:

My horoscope suggested I was not romantic in the least. While I am inclined to believe that, I waxed poetic in conversation this afternoon and was met with subsequent requests to try my hand at poetry on the blog. So I wrote a couple of haikus about my day today and about my conversation which explains why you won't understand most of them:

Mount Fuji of books

Paving the road to hell -

The floor is gone

Chocolate cake

Eat it slowly - To prevent

Heartburn and pain

Eight arms gone wild -

Cephalopod of steel

Irons for life

Clipped Art

Colors the Windows of Life -

Old Age dawns swiftly

Power of Sleep

Trustworthy yet exciting -

Bring on the bunnies

Thank you, thank you. I discovered that I like writing haikus...If you have any requests about subjects, I will be happy to oblige :)

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