Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Yesterday's observations (in chronological order):

  • If Paul Green shoes are reduced they WILL look ugly on your feet
  • Time lag of an SMS from O2 to O2: All day
  • Price of paint in Turkey: Double. Observe the export possibilities
  • There is such a thing as too much coffee
  • Murphy strikes again: Awaiting a visitor, the doorbell will ring when you just step out ouf the shower
  • Coldplay rulez
  • Our collection of PS2 Games on the other hand really sucks
  • If you're on TV and you don't tell anyone, they will see it nonetheless
  • Many women would employ a secretary solely because of looks (*coughJamesMarsterscough*)
  • New addition to the "Movies I have to watch" list: Taxi Driver (maybe)
  • Champion's League football is much more entertaining than Bundesliga football

Had a fun evening last night. Age does take its toll, I discovered before, having any amount of alcohol gets me up really early these days (7 a.m. today). I need to get working on my paper but that implies counting words in paragraphs and I still haven't quite woken up enough to concentrate on that.

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