Tuesday, July 08, 2003

List of Random Things

The cats have learned to exit the apartment. Our door was left ajar tonight and when I got up they were frolicking up and down the staircase to the basement. They don't particularly like the outdoors, though. Let's hope it stays that way. We'll need to get them tattooed in case they escape. Maybe a skull. Or an eagle. Or a heart with: Kitty - Bad to the Bone.

I have Robbie in my head: Something beautiful. My favourite song off the CD. He didn't play it at the concert, though.

Did a Tai Chi class today. Maybe if I did that more often my balance would improve and things like the incident with the mobile phone and the toilet wouldn't happen that often. Phone update: My brother says he can repair these things. Let's keep the fingers crossed he actually passed his exam.

Ulisch has a new car. It has a spoiler in front and two lamps on each side. Other than that, it's a great car.

There's two classes of people harassing you in the street: one class just wants to harass you and the others are the "admonishers". They will point out to you what you're doing wrong. "You have no light on your bike!" What do they think that'll accomplish? "Gee, thanks, Mister, I didn't notice! Thanks for telling me! I will grow one right away, Sir!" or "Boy, I really am a bad person. Riding a bike with no lights. Let me say six Hail Marys and amend my evil ways from now on." My favourite admonisher actually did this: My car was stalled in the middle of an intersection and he got out of his car, walked to my car and said to me: "This car has to go!" To which I replied that I totally agreed and would he please move it for me...

Today I was researching pictures (mainly of meat which isn't as pretty as it sounds - oh, it doesn't sound pretty, does it? Well, whatever it sounds like, it's less of it. Try putting "butcher" in Picture Google to get an idea). Anyway, I came across a lot of pictures of families celebrating christmas and I wondered if I should be sad that I don't have a husband and kids. It looked like fun. I reasoned then that it probably wasn't, but still. It was one of those moments when you realise your life doesn't have a rewind button.

I really would like an ipod (hey, I told you it was random).

I've gotten into the habit of eating jam straight out of the jar. Today I had another inexplicable sandwich urge: This time it was peanut butter and jelly. Hmmm peanutbutter and jelly. Don't have either. Maybe I should go out and buy some.

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