Thursday, October 09, 2003

I spy with my little Eyetoy

So today after vegging on the couch I decided to reward myself. So I went to the store and spontaneously bought myself an Eyetoy. And boy, is that fun. It consists of a little camera that you position on top of the TV and little games that are controlled by your body movements via said camera. When we set it up we joked about today's fat kids who can't move a little in front of the TV without being out of breath. Do we ever need to eat crow...or better not eat anything, because that thing is exhausting as hell.

There are 12 games, and each of them means you have to wave your arms wildly around to wash windows, explode rockets, kung fu your opponents into oblivion, dance the boogie, or spin UFOs for example. I am drenched in sweat and dread tomorrow because my muscles are going to be so sore...but that was 56 Euros well invested!

Oh, and other good news: my boss called today to let me know tomorrow she'll pick up my contract at the main company office. I can then sign it and my work experience will definitely start November 15th. Yay me. So now I am officially on holidays.

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