Monday, October 06, 2003

I feel old .. while everybody went to the Oktoberfest I stayed home all day yesterday, then went out to have burgers (yum, yum, burgers) and finally stayed home to drink beer and play video games. And what is probably worse: I enjoyed it :) Then I fell asleep on the couch while playing the game. Oy.

I had the thought while playing the game that having a flamethrower could come in handy in real life. Somebody parks in your spot? *britzel* Somebody skips in line? *singe his eyebrows off*. Then again, game behaviour might be frowned upon. ON the other hand, beating somebody over the head with a big wrench might be enjoyable at times. And there's really no wrong time for blowing up shit (as the manic programmer said in the "Making of...").

Today I cemented my status as a vegetable by playing the frigging game again and again (100.000 bolts, a gazillion skill points and 4 gold bolts later). My bad conscience at least brought me to clean our stylish new living room AND the kitchen. Tomorrow needs to be more active.

Oh, and I found a movie critic whose opinion mirrors exactly what I thought about the abominable Bad Boys II. The more I've been thinking about the movie the more it annoys me in retrospect.

What am I doing now? Watching Popstars. Casting shows, yay. For everybody who hates them - don't read the next paragraph, I want to say some things about the bands.

[Reality Show Alert]

a) Girl Band

Why in God's name did they pick Miriam? I mean, I've never met anybody by that name who wasn't dumb as a rock. She seems no exception. Plus, she looked like something the cat dragged in. That is, if the cat is out hunting for zebras. Who in their right mind would be wearing a tank zebra top, a skirt straight out of the eighties and big loop earrings (and a bad perm)? Somebody from the eighties, that is.

But the worst decision has to be the band name. The PreLuderS??? Whoever thought of that band name should be taken out and shot quietly. Or loudly to set an example.

b) Boy Band

Aaaaargh! Akay aka Mr Stupid Beard will grace the title pages of many a youth magazine and insult my eyes. Please please make him shave it. And lose a couple of pounds. Us women have to maintain a good figure and we demand equality. And why Marc? To harvest the 12-13 year old audience. He sticks out like a sore thumb among the other boys. Oh well, maybe I'm just not the target group.

Band Name? OverGround. Gulp. I guess they have to thank the Lord and be happy they were not the "AfterBurnerS" to match the "PreLuderS"

[/Reality Show Alert]

Now off to watch Kalkofe.

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