Sunday, November 23, 2003

Well, first of all congratulations to all World Champions (if by proxy :) i.e. the English Rugby Nation. Yes, Johnny Wilkinson is God. Or so I've been told.

Second, cleaning your apartment sucks. Especially if it hasn't been cleaned for some time. The strange thing is, once you clean it it gets really dirty in retrospect. You realize how it must have looked just before you went through it with vacuum and mop and pause a moment to shudder.

Third, SMOKING KILLS!!! I guess so, since I scrubbed about 3 kilos of tar off the TV in the living room. Eucccch. That said, today's one of the days where I really want a cigarette. The last week has been bad concerning that. I wonder why. Haven't smoked a cigarette since May, but today it feels like I stopped yesterday. Grrrrrrr...

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