Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Are U unsure how 2 spell? Try this link to speak'n spell.

Funny how time flies - I have only one christmas present and it's just around the corner. Christmas. Not the present. That's on the table right here. I, by the way, haven't gotten my christmas present yet (as in "little camera that needs to forget all the French words it knows"). It's been handed over to the DPD, though. So I have hopes that tomorrow I can present you with the first pictures. Of cats, probably.

I still have my vision of "The Ideal Christmas" (you can look at last year's archives - if they're working that is - if you're interested in how that goes. Steadily losing hope it's ever going to happen. Not that I had that much hope to begin with. One of the prerequisites is that it's snowing on Christmas eve, which is hard to achieve.

Yesterday when I came home from work I had the feeling that I'd rather fancy a hug. Alas, those are also hard to come by. Oh well, at least I can cuddle the cats. I have taken to calling them "Murpelbear". Today when I went to work I had this little song in my head "A Murpelbear has an easy life" (it rhymes in German) and after a while people started looking at me funnily. Then I realized it wasn't in my head but I was belting it out at the top of my lungs. "Murpelbeeeeeaaar!!!" Oddly satisfying, yet worrying.

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