Thursday, December 11, 2003

I just took a shower. With our new shower screen door attached. Boy, oh boy. It's so beautiful. Bahama Beige, have I mentioned that yet? I'm so happy I wrote a little poem:

Ode to my shower screen door

I'm in the tub,
the water flows.
My back I rub,
I soap my toes.

Shampoo the head,
shampoo the ear,
the screen door holds
I have no fear.

No puddles last
no drops are leaking
the door holds fast
my joy is peaking.

Its colour's neat
(beige of Bahama)
I scrub my feet
and bless my karma

While to the world (apologetic)
I will shout out (not quite phonetic):

I'll give my thanks
and many hugs
To Duscho-Lux.

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