Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Time for the Weekly Grammar RantTM:

Why? Why? Why do people put things in quotation marks to emphasize them? Would you want to eat at a restaurant that advertised "good" food? Or go to a strip club that had "sexy" strippers? Or see that "great" movie? I hate that. I especially hate it because it's so useless. I mean if adding the quotation marks had saved you work or assisted you in some manner, but no! You actually have to go to the trouble of adding four useless lines! And all it does is make people like me snigger at your disgusting food and ugly-ass strippers.

It's the same with the apostrophe. Why put apostrophe's (sic!) everywhere??? It's a frigging plural -s for God's sake. No reason at all to waste time apostrophying it. Here, again, if used as a genitive it's no less annoying but I can at least understand where it comes from. But plural??? Crepe's sold here. Why, why, why?

Gaudere's law (it's like Godwin's Law only different) dictates that I'll make some useless grammar mistake during this rant so you can all point at me and laugh but I will add one more point: I hate people who complain about
a) politicians,
b) the school system,
c) stupid Americans,
d) dumb television programs,
e) Dieter Bohlen,
and whose complaint contains so many spelling and grammar errors I want to throw up. Not that I don't endorse complaining about Dieter Bohlen (though I think there are worse people to complain about), but maybe - just maybe you should stop complaining and pick up a book instead. The Duden, preferrably.

And don't get me started on whose/who's. It's not that hard, people, and I'm not a native speaker. Or using "of" instead of "have". "He should of gone to school." Yikes. Or there/their. (That may be attributed to typos, I'm prone to mis-type that as well, but I'll correct it and I won't use it twice in one sentence.)

I guess that's several more points. I bet I could find lots more if only I tried but really the 's and the " " bug me the most. Grrr-Argh.

[/Grammar Rant]

Does it bother you when people use fake coding? It's so nerdy. But at least it's not l33t sp34k. Grrr-Argh.
Does it bother you when People Capitalize Much?

Other thoughts, completely unrelated:

  • Is it worth not smoking when all day all you can think about is how you really would like to smoke a cigarette? It seriously lowers my quality of life. I don't really feel better for not smoking. No, not at all. And while all the smokers tell me smoking's bad for you, I can't shake the feeling they're grinning because they get to smoke and I don't.

  • Amazing how it's easier to get up when the sun is shining.

  • The shower screen is being worked on which means soon I'll be able to take a shower again.

  • I have a candle burning on my desk and a potted plant sitting on my shelf. It's cozy. And I'm having tea. Christmastime is near (*breaks out into a heart-wrenching rendition of "The 12 days of Christmas"*)

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