Monday, February 02, 2004

Premiere sucks! I was looking forward to the Superbowl yesterday when we discovered we don't have the digital receiver needed to see it. Was insulted by a stupid call center employee and am somewhat pissed I didn't ask for his name to complain.

The game was pretty good, too, or so I hear (last two quarters at least). And there was Janet Jackson's boob and a streaker on the field during the halftime show. Oh boy!

Other news:

- Have a diploma now. Contains an error though and states I took "art pedagogics" (aka pottery therapy??) when I actually took forensic psychiatry and can now identify stalkers, pedophiles and anyone with a rubber fetish correctly.

- Went snowboarding on Saturday.

- Saw my first game of ice hockey on Sunday - unfortunately I was among all the rabid fans and couldn't ask questions like: why are all these people constantly jumping over the side of the rink? is it actually ALLOWED what HE's doing?? or the ever popular: which one's are ours??? (I waited until somebody scored and checked if everybody cheered, when they did, deduced this was our team)

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