Sunday, February 15, 2004

Well, that was Valentine's Day. I went shopping and I wondered about the amount of flower shops that were open. Are there really that many men who buy flowers for their girlfriends/wives? Are there? Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller??? Note: Not to be meant as a criticism, I'm just wondering. Though women like to get flowers but rarely do. YMMV.

Other than that, I bought a gazillion of books. Here they are:

I've read one of them yesterday while soaking in the tub:Inger Alfvén: Vier Töchter. Didn't like it that much. I thought the mother was schizophrenic and pretended to be two people. After I was finished, I read the blurb and that said she actually had another daughter. Not her split personality. Duh. Maybe I'm just stupid, bit I think it was confusing and deliberately "psychological" which I hate. If you want it, drop me a note and I'll send it to you. For free. If there's another book of the above you're interested in, tell me as well, maybe I'll hate it and you can have it.

Today I am resolved to read the Trapp family's mother's autobiography (a lot of genitives in that sentence). Going to see a football game, too.

And I'll eat the rest of the food that I prepared in my wok. I really like my little wok - cooking in it is so easy. Found a good recipe site as well: that features Thai recipes. I made Gäng Pad Gai (chicken curry with coconut milk). Yum. That was on Friday. We were supposed to get together and play games but somehow that never worked out. I vaguely had the feeling that my guests were expecting to get more entertainment than I provided. I sometimes get that and I don't really know what to do then and get cranky. Cranky's not good for entertainment, so I guess that's kind of a vicious circle.

But I am in rather a cranky mood (again) at the moment. I hope it'll pass sometime. I wonder where it came from. Maybe it's the aftermath from the questionnaire thing last week (don't ask). Maybe Ginger Ale works against that (I have a bottle in front of me, that's why I'm typing this, just stream-of-consciousness-typing that makes no real sense). Yesterday we used the Ginger Ale to produce fake Caipirinha which was quite good but didn't agree with my roommate. So I guess Valentine's Day was a mixed success.

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