Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I'm off tomorrow and on Friday as there's nothing to do at work. Wondering if I should go somewhere. But where? Do I really want to? Maybe I should stay home and do all those things that require to be done such as taxes and finally sending my computer to be fixed. I also wanted to put things on ebay to get some of the money back in that I spent on useless things.

Are you as annoyed as I am by amazon telling you: "If you sell everything that you bought from us you could earn a GAZILLION euros" ... Yes, I know I spent way too much on amazon, thank you for telling me.

But there's places to go and things to see! Venture out! Exciting adventures! Hmmm...I seriously doubt I'm in the mood for adventures. Maybe I'm the boringest person that ever lived. Or it's my age. Gallivanting about doesn't quite hold the appeal it used to. Then again, I'm already considering giving up my job and travelling round the world. Work schmork. That and the hammock plan sound rather appealing.

At least the stomach has settled down...

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