Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Post-Easter Extravaganza

So, Easter has passed without leaving a trace. Other than my stomach really acting up - I'm feeling rotten since Thursday evening. No idea why - well, I DID have a couple of beers (I went to the Cinerama concert as mentioned which was brilliant by the way) but not really too much.

On Friday that led to me sitting on the couch rather dejectedly together with the cats (who are recovering from their operation quite well) while everybody else went to the Andechs monastery. However, it was fun seeing J. and K. again. It's kind of strange when one's friends have left.

On Saturday we went to have Japanese food and I had to stop eating after two pieces of Sushi. Stomach cramps aren't really a guarantee for a fun evening. At least I didn't have too much to drink that night.

On Sunday I went to have Easter lunch at my parents' house. Blatant disregard for the stomach thing led to utter misery later on. Same thing yesterday. Today nothing much has happened yet but I really haven't had anything to eat yet.

Was that what you wanted to hear? Probably not. TMI and all that.

Yesterday we've been talking about the meaning of life and your job. Today I have a particular senseless feeling. I mean, my job is pretty meaningless as is - market research. Who really needs that? Having nothing to do at market research is even worse. But seriously, I do enjoy working here and usually I enjoy what I do. But ultimately it doesn't make a lot of sense and I was thinking about whether I'd want to do it my whole life long. There's a saying: "Nobody ever died wishing they'd have spent more day at the office" and that's probably very true.

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