Monday, August 09, 2004

Feeling rather tired. I've done so much sightseeing over the last weekend it can't be expressed in numbers anymore. There still is so much left over to sightsee, though! My feet ache, too - why is it that sandals always kill feet? Blisters all over. The last hour or so I walked barefoot and that even though we've been cooling our feet in rivers/lakes/whatnot this weekend. "We" meaning B. and myself *waves merrily in the vague direction of D.* who needed a heavy dose of power sightseeing which I'm good at :) (apart from the foot thing). I'd actually wanted to do some work now but I guess I won't (seeing as I am watching the Bad News Bears at the moment).

Any more events?

Cat I has a sore eye and needs eye cream applied 4 times a day. Cat II has decided she only wants to sleep in the kitchen in a basket I wanted to give back to my Mom.

My parents are cycling towards Hamburg (probably not this very moment but in general) and my Dad lost his saddle bag - "saddle" used in loose terms, it was attached to the handle bar. How do you lose that without noticing? Anyway.

What else? I am eating crackers. My marathon training has gone to hell. The Raetselrennen is progressing nicely.

Blah. Am to lazy to think at the moment. Will post a picture instead.

Spot the nekkid people

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