Thursday, January 30, 2003

Had a really unproductive day today. It all started with loads of snow outside which does not really make you feel like you should be out there. Then I got up early to meet people at University, but the meeting got postponed to tomorrow. I thought I could at least pick up some books at the library and got stuck in the Hell that is public transportation. Don't you just hate public transportation??

There was some kind of snafu in the tunnel which blocked everything. I of course arrived just when the problem occurred and so had to wait for ages at the station until a train arrived into which everybody crammed. I just love having people's elbows in my kidneys and smelling body odours also is high on my list of enjoyable afternoon activities. Then the train moved - only one station though, where they said we'd have to get off. Another train arrived and we all piled in there. Mind you, every time I changed vehicles there was more and more people until I finally arrived at a bus where I was yelled at for blocking the door by two old ladies. Mind you again, one of them was holding onto the door, but who's dealing out guilt. Thought of my resolution of becoming a better person and said nothing. The Universe owes me bigtime!!

Now finally I'm back at home trying to relax and I think I feel like having a couple of drinks tonight. Cheerio, Miss Sophie!

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