Sunday, January 26, 2003

Weekend Report (so far)

On Friday, Ulisch, Tinisch and me went out and I met this guy. Yes, he was addicted to strange sports (duathlon? once you have finished running and swimming...why would you go out and run again? makes no sense to me...), but he was really nice. Smart, too...and easy on the eyes... Well, I had fun. Not that kind of fun, but fun anyway. He did not ask for my number, though. Maybe for the best - what will you do with a guy who spends every waking moment either on a bike, in a pool or on a track? (Actually, today he went skiing, but I guess his definition of "skiing" involves going cross-country from here to Switzerland in under 2 hours).

Saturday afternoon some friends came over and we watched my Lord of the Rings DVD *coughbootlegcough* which is hilarious. Not the movie, but the English subtitles that were done by a Malaysian with just a basic knowledge of the language, a dictionary and a list of names from the film. Unfortunately, though, some names were left off that list which obviously totally confuses him and messes up all the subtitles. If you'd like to see more, look for screenshots...they are on the Internet somewhere, I cannot find them at the moment.
DISCLAIMER: In no way do I support the illegal copying and distribution of movies and as a good loyal citizen of Malaysia I would certainly report people distributing said illegal copies. I hereby solemnly swear that I did not purchase this film, it just came to me all by itself. Plus, I have proven supportive towards New Line Cinema in purchasing a brand new edition of the Lord of the Rings DVD. So there.

The evening sucked though. Another solemn oath: Never ever (I repeat: never ever) will you catch me going to a party that claims "80s only". And here's why:

  • Walking on Sunshine makes me physically ill. Especially when followed by In Zaire.
  • Listening to only songs from when I was 15 makes me feel like my life hasn't progressed at all.
  • Looking at a room filled with people whose life hasn't progressed at all and hence are still able to sing the lyrics to Wake me up before you gogo with abandon makes me depressed
  • Chances of meeting somebody who touches your face uncalled for to pry your mouth in the upward position while exclaiming "Smile!" are horrendously good.
  • Thinking that there are people actually having fun somewhere else while I am in 80's Purgatory makes me even more depressed.

Let's see what Sunday will bring. I guess I'll work some on my final paper and then Ulisch and me will be watching the Superbowl XXXVII. Yay! Which reminds me we still have to find out what the lyrics to the American National Anthem are. Every year we end up singing along two lines and finishing with weird noises. Hopefully we will have little American flags to wave. Last time we even had pom-poms. That was fun.

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