Sunday, August 03, 2003

The Pursuit of Meat continues: I have a protein overdose because I went barbecuing and packed meat from the fridge into my backpack while hungry. I ate so much meat gout will set in any moment now, I wager.

Other than that, I was driving through the city and was wondering about the traffic lights. If you obey the speed limit you will have to stop at each and every one of them. But if you drive faster - or slower - you'll make at least some of them. I don't understand this. Isn't it the goal of traffic planning to make traffic go smoothly? To make it leave so it doesn't stand around at lights polluting the environment? I think I read somewhere that the traffic lights have those phases on purpose, so that traffic doesn't flow and people are so frustrated they take public transportation. Strange kind of logic if you ask me.

Also, when I stood at a light and waited for it to turn green I noticed the car in front of me. It was a Golf Cabrio - prussia blue - with a family in it. Now that's not unusual in itself. However, this car had a sport exhaust. And I thought to myself: "Here you are. You're around 40, start losing your hair and you think: Let's put a sport exhaust on my car, yeah. But it's a prussia blue Golf Cabrio with 2,5 kids in it and your blonde permed wife. Whatever you want to express with that exhaust, IT'S NOT WORKING!"

Then again, I have an old red Mazda and whatever I'd want to express, it's not working either.

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