Saturday, August 09, 2003

Random Thoughts of Debatable Value

New Rule: When you come home in the morning ready for breakfast and your roommate is frying calamares, you suddenly start contemplating living alone.

I somehow wish the cats wouldn't tear the wallpaper off the walls.

I hope that I die before I get old. (didn't work for the Stones now, did it)

Instead of the party I am now going to see a football game: Can you say Schaaaaaalke? (quote from this film which is really funny, btw.)
They announced they would turn on sprinklers so we won't die of heat stroke on the bleachers. Let's keep our fingers crossed because I was outside and the tar started to melt. Which made the conditions ideal for jogging for two hours, I might add.

Oh, and by the way, I just signed up for it.

And yesterday we listened to my old EAV-Tape. The evil is always and everywhere. The lyrics of the old songs are just great - I don't know any of their new stuff (in between it was kind of lame).

Oh, and Sven: Still haven't read Infinite Jest. It's lying around, mocking me. I promise to read it after September 24. Which is the latest date I can turn in my paper.

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