Friday, August 08, 2003

Saw a lady today of about 45-50 years. She was wearing camouflage pants, camouflage high heels and a fishnet shirt over a tan tee. And at first I thought: "Well, she shouldn't be wearing that. At her age!" but then I thought, why not? If she feels like it..I can't imagine wearing Old Lady Clothes. Then again, I was in a lenient mood.

And again I think something is wrong with my hearing. I was at the beer garden with these people, and one of them was rather deaf. Whenever I said something, he said: "Eh?? Whazzat? Speak up!" Then his phone rang and he started having a conversation. Afterwards he handed the phone to me. Now the band was playing and the background noise was so loud that I did not understand anything at he managed to converse with the caller I have no idea. Maybe I can't hear bass. Or high tones. Or something.

Anyway, my conversation was about Saturday. I had been invited to a party, but apparently it's been cancelled. Don't quite know why (that was the part I missed) - it might have been because of insects. So I'm free as a bird Saturday. All day to work on my paper. *does the dance of papery goodness* <-- Buffy quote mixed with Angel quote, for the connoisseur only

[Sendung mit der Maus]
That was sarcasm.
[/sendung mit der Maus]

Had to laugh today when meeting the Strange Riddle People. Why did we meet? Tomorrow's the second installment of the riddle. When I had to admit I hadn't yet bought tomorrow's paper, they looked at me with deep suspicion. One of them lent me his second paper ("I'll need it back afterwards!") Then one of them invited me to come to this pub on Saturday. "Because that's where Germany's Riddle Scene meets." Holy Shit! There's a Riddle Scene? If they're half as scary as those people I know, that pub's not a good place to be on Saturday.

He then proceeded with namedropping. Riddle people like to mention in passing that they know the "MASTER OF RIDDLES" who devises all the SZ newspaper's riddles. "Well, you know, when I was there Saturday, HE came over and chatted with us." or "When I was talking to HIM on the phone..." or even better "When I was talking to this person who knows somebody who claims to have talked to HIM on the phone..." I don't quite know what to answer then. "Uh huh." usually. Then they look at me suspiciously again. One day they'll discover that I didn't send in last year's solution and then I am in deep shit.

I also had to chuckle (inwardly) when the Riddle guy proceeded to explain to me who whatshisname was :))) Did you know that whatshisname regularly talks to the MASTER OF RIDDLES on the phone??? Gasp! There is no denying it: I basically am a Riddle Scene Starfucker.

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