Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Food, food, food

I am obsessed with Sushi. I don't know why but I want to eat some every day. That's loads expensive and maybe a bit obsessive. But I once read that Robbie Williams (*scream*) lost a lot of weight by just eating Sushi for a month. Of course then twelve angry horses couldn't drag me to a Sushi restaurant. I can't really remember why I tried it again ... but now I am addicted.

Strange how there's food that you really hate and then you try it and WHAM! Take coffee for example. Nobody likes it at first but hey! once you're into coffee you're usually really into coffee. Javajavajavajava... What else? Brussels sprouts. I used to hate them as a kid but then I thought - maybe now I'll like them? And I did. By the way I always liked spinach. My dad claims that's because I liked to watch Popeye, but I think I just like the taste. Not the leafy kind, though. Yuck. I also don't particularly like Spinach mixed with anything. Onna pizza, for example.

This reminds me of another thing: There is food that doesn't satisfy me. Spinach is one of them. I can eat tons of spinach and never stop. I don't mind, I like it, but it's just not a meal. Also sweet food. Pancakes and things. Kaiserschmarrn. Germknödel. Most soups. I'll just eat and eat and never stop.

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