Thursday, January 08, 2004

Today I am in rather a crappy mood again, but I can recommend the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack to enlighten those days where the sun just don't shine. I myself have it on replay but tend to hum along with it rather loudly (it's very grand at times) which could seem rather odd if other people see you. I can't dance along to it with grand gestures because my office is on the ground floor and people can look into my window. Maybe that's a good thing. The non-dancing, not the ground floor.

Maybe my mood is inflicted by the weather. When looking out the window I just realized everybody looks like they're not really in a good mood. Then again the office next to ours is a dentist's. Which reminds me I have at least 3 doctors to go to. Which in turn does not enhance my mood any further. At least it's Thursday, meaning Friday's just around the corner and in turn the weekend.

Reading assignment for the weekend, by the way, is Middlesex. (I've read all the "light" books I got for Christmas, that means I have to proceed to the literature ones.) By the way, if anyone's interested: I really liked the second-to-last Terry Pratchett ("Night Watch"). Less so the newest one ("Monstrous Regiment") which is rather too feminist for my liking. Seriously. Well, contrived feminist, whatever. Read it and you'll know what I mean. Plus, I don't like the direction Sam Vimes is taking - rumours have it he's set up to be the next Patrician - he's starting to be eerily clairvoyant and I'm not sure I enjoy that. I liked the "old" Vimes much better, temper, alcoholism and everything included.

So much for that and I'll leave you with a strange link I found: The economists. No, it doesn't really DO anything.

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