Wednesday, March 03, 2004


I got a package of CDs today. OK, I paid for them, but nevermind, today they arrived. What did I get? I am naming them in the order that I am discovering them right now, so you get to share the unpacking experience with me...

  • Muse "Absolution". Limited Edition it says on the cover. Incl. Bonus DVD it says...Yay! (I actually already own this CD but I did want the bonus DVD. That and it's one of the best CDs. Support the artist and all that.)
  • Franz Ferdinand. Aptly titled "Franz Ferdinand". Don't quite know whether I'll like the thing, I liked one of their songs on Virgin radio. If I don't like it, you all may vie for my attention by showering me with appropriate gifts and I might bestow it on one of you.
  • Outkast "Speakerboxx. Boy, does it feature lots of stickers on the cover. Grammy stars 2004. Smash hit Heya. Parental Advisory. I'll just shake it like a Polaroid picture and watch out for strong language, sexual and violent content.
  • David Gray "A new day at midnight". Sort of ashamed about this one...once listened to a David Gray song and proclaimed to not quite like it. Also confused David Gray with Craig David. Anyway, this is Virgin radio's fault again, as I sniffled while a song was playing and thought: "Need to find out who sings this" ... as I don't know what album it's on, I am guessing the next item is...yepp
  • David Gray "White Ladder". On sale at amazon, so I figured why not.
  • Macy Gray "On how life is". Wanted to get that for ages. I remember sitting in a cafĂ© where they only had that CD apparently because they kept playing it over and over. I was there all afternoon and I still really liked it after that. That and I always watch that stupid Jennifer Aniston movie with Jay Mohr (who really messed up Jerry Maguire, the bastard!) only because "I try" is its main song.
  • Air "Moon Safari". Bought it because really, really on sale at amazon. If I don't like it, see above. But I am guessing everybody who likes it already owns it.

That's it for the CDs. Now I am going to bake my mozzarella sticks I bought at Tengelmann's and decide which CD I am going to listen to first...Yay again.

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