Monday, March 01, 2004

God, I am so tired. Was sick on Friday so I couldn't really go out. Didn't really matter because the Schnitzel we had was so big nobody else wanted to go out either. Came home somewhat late, though and had NyQuil to tide me over the night. Yum, NyQuil.

On Saturday morning I countered the NyQuil effects with DayQuil (Yay, I loves me some DayQuil!) and went shopping. I wish they'd manufacture DayQuil here, as is I have a stuffy nose again. Had some beer in the evening which of course led to me not sleeping any during the night. Vegged on the couch and fell asleep in the afternoon (but only for an hour, then I woke up due to disconcerting dreams about pets - my roommate was watching "Animals looking for a new home")

And tonight we were watching the Oscars. Rather pointless, as LOTR received every award it was nominated for. It got so bad the award recipients couldn't hold all their gold statuettes anymore - we suggested they'd be provided with little shopping baskets.

Miscellaneous Oscar Stuff

Seems to be en vogue to attach a huge bow to your ass (not very flattering).

Charlize Theron definitely had applied too much self-tanning lotion and looked disconcertingly tan.

Jim Carrey has no hair and is not in the least bit funny.

Is Bob Hope dead or not??

Liv Tyler looks good even with glasses on, a stupid 60s hairstyle and an ugly dress.

Jamie Lee Curtis' boobs threatened to jump out of her dress at any second. Otherwise, she looked exactly like Annie Lennox.

All the nominated songs were BORING and involved harp-playing of some kind (except the weird French Cartoon song that involved drumming on a bicycle).

I liked the opening bit where Michael Moore was squashed by an Oliphaunt.

We hate Vanessa Paradis. Why?? Why?? (Then again, I still want to marry John Cusack. Did you see how he winked at me?)

Anyway. Watched that until 6 am and then went to work, honest soul that I am. I can't call in sick when I am not. Boo. Which is why I am on my third cup of coffee, trying to stay awake. Where's the DayQuil when you need it??

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