Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Topic: Dreams and stuff

I was in the shower thinking about my dream where I had to bake bread and fight aliens (yes, I know, some people have heard enough of that dream but that's how my train of thought went). What was I thinking, you fervently ask, I am sure...well, first I thought that other people's dreams never are interesting and maybe I shouldn't have told everyone I know and their brother about it. But that's not where this goes (don't worry, I have a point somewhere, I guess).

Because then I remembered something else: do you know the dreams one sometimes has where you dream about someone you know (but not that well, just some acquaintance) and you dream that you are getting along great for some reason? Not romantically, I mean, but just talking and such. And then you actually meet that person again and are somewhat confused when you don't get along that well at all...I wonder why I thought about that, haven't had one of those dreams in quite some time. Hm, maybe there wasn't a point to this after all.

Speaking of absent friends...just now somebody called me who I haven't talked to in a long time (Hey, Alex!!) and I just wanted to remark that it's nice to have friends that you haven't spoken to in two years but still get along great...

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