Tuesday, February 11, 2003

OK, let's do it like this: First I tell you about my day, then I'll go on to a totally non-related observation that I've been dragging around for some time but have not yet blogged. You can read either or both (in whatever order you prefer, too). Deal? Here goes...


My legs look a total mess as my snowboard boots have left bruises everywhere. Still haven't fixed anything not working (I'll need to start working on the "t" key, I hate dragging my external keyboard around with my laptop). At least I called some people and got some stuff done. And I was spontaneously invited to dinner which was fun (thank you, next time we'll bring less salad or eat more, I promise :). On the plus side also: I actually look forward to going to bed now that it's really comfy.

Totally Non-Related Observation

You know what I miss a lot not being in a relationship? I figured it out the other day: Hugs. (I was feeling really miserable for reasons I should really not have felt miserable about and the only thing available for a hug was my bear. Who did not hug me back.)

I don't mean the kind of hugs that you would give to friends and family. (I don't do that much either, I'm not much of a touchy-feely person. Giving kisses on the cheek to greet people? Not me. Not very often, at least.) I mean the kind of hugs that you'd get and you'd feel warm, snug and secure because you knew that somebody loved you.

Maybe it's not the hug I miss but mostly the feeling. I really liked waking up with a nondescript warm feeling of happiness. But no, it is the hug itself, too, I think. Especially when you're feeling miserable and would need some cheering up and that damn bear just will not play along.

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