Saturday, February 15, 2003

Saturday Is Chili Day

Trying to get the hang of Desperados (the game, not the beer), but I take ages to complete one level and am sort of frustrated now...ah, well, maybe give it a try again later on. This day started out strangely anyway, in the morning we watched "The Naked Chef" and then we decided we'd give his recipe a try. So we've been preparing Chili Con Carne all day long, and it actually turned out pretty good. Hence, I declare today Olgawide Chili Day.

New Roommate

We have selected a new roommate, hooray! He's from Austria and it looks like he should be fun to live with. He moved some of his stuff in today and hung out for a bit. We'll see how that works out. More on that after March 1st when he has moved in.

Saturday Gloom

Here I am, home alone on a Saturday evening...well, not alone. Diana's there and we're watching the Osbournes. I don't know if that bodes well for my future. One should go out and do stuff on Saturdays. But as I've had the option of going to a Fasching-Festivity I stayed home. I don't quite get the appeal of Fasching. Completely eludes me. I'm feeling cranky today anyways and really don't feel like facing lots of dressed-up people tonight, I think it was better to stay at home. But I sure hope my mood picks up anytime soon.

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