Sunday, February 09, 2003

Been out snowboarding all day. My feet hurt like hell. And it's all the fault of the Deutsche Bahn. I'll never ever try to go anywhere by train again.

Yesterday we decided we'd take the train instead of going by car. You'd think that had only advantages, right? Nobody has to drive and it's good for the environment. So we check the train schedule: there's a train at 7 a.m., it says. I get up at 6 a.m. after having trouble sleeping all night, put on my snowboard boots and go to the train station with Silke and Ulisch. Surprise! Not only is there no train at 7 a.m., but there's no train even NEAR 7 a.m. Plus, the lady at the information desk tells us there has been an avalanche onto the tracks somewhere but can't really tell us anything else.

Hence, we have to go all the way back to get Ulisch's car and we have to drive. All the while wearing my boots. Of course, by now, there's this really big traffic jam and we take ages to get there. When we were going back, the train people had still not managed to clean the tracks and the trains were still not running. So everybody and their brother took the car. Driving back took ages again. Still wearing the boots. I've taken them off just now after wearing them for over 12 hours straight. Not something you'd want to do every day. Well, at least we had sunshine and great snow, so it all was worth the hassle, I guess.

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