Saturday, February 08, 2003

Just woke up and here's a couple of observations I'd like to make:

Observation A

If you'd like to move in with us why would you do any of the following:

  • Adress me as "Sie". Would you like to live with somebody who you have to say "Sie" to? I think not.
  • Come across like the Spanish Inquisition (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!) asking me about everything shy of shoe size and then hang up because you don't like smokers (which you asked at the end why?)
  • But most important: Why? Why? Why would you call Saturday morning at 8 a.m.? Nobody will want you to move in after that.

Oh well, today there's four people coming over who did not do any of the above and we'll see how that goes. If you, by the way want to move in or if you know anybody, just send me an email and we'll see.

Observation B

You wake up. You look into the mirror. You notice one thing: The day before you have spent ages trying to control your hair. It looked like crap when you were going out. But now that you've slept on it and nobody's going to see it it looks like you always want it to look. Why is that? It's just one of those inexplicable freak of nature things again.

So much for now, I'm going to get breakfast now and then I'll start cleaning up the apartment. (Wouldn't want those potential roommates to get the right impression :)

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