Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Topic: How to Save Lots of Time

I have this really clever way of doing things: I'm figuring that if I do everything at once, it'll be over in no time. Hence, I set out putting up my new bed. Other people might have gone about it this way: First dismantle your old bed and take it away. Then, reconfigure your room so you have space where to put your new bed. Then, clean everything up so you have space where you can assemble your bed. Next, make sure you have the appropriate tools. Finally, assemble your bed and presto! Not me.

First, I dumped all the stuff in my room somewhere else in my room in huge piles. Then, I moved my desk and the computer. After that I measured if there was room for the bed where I had moved the desk. There wasn't. So I decided to put the bed there anyway just to see how it would look. Then I dismantled the old bed and put it upright against the wall. After pushing everything out of the way so I had a square about the size of the bed, I started to unwrap everything. It was as I suspected. Everything was in itty bitty small pieces and I had to assemble the whole damn thing like a puzzle. Luckily, I could convince Diana to help me and Ulisch joined forces with us later. Of course, nothing fit where it should have and now it looks kind of crappy. Well, I'll admit we lacked the proper screwdrivers and did not have the right hammer. And the wrapping got into our way all the time.

Now every square inch of my room is covered in something. The bed is huge. I should have gotten the smaller size but my parents, hopeful as they are, said I might someday have somebody sleep over *wink, wink*. Oh well. I'll have to figure out where exactly to put it. I have an idea but that involves moving a couple of shelves around and will be a very close call if it fits at all. At least I tried to measure it. If I just wasn't so disorganized...my room will never be the same.

Then I left the chaos and went to have sushi with Ulisch, Tinisch and Marco. Running sushi. Running time for the sushi: exactly 2:51:2 minutes once around the restaurant. We timed it. And we even cheered it on :)

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