Thursday, February 06, 2003

A) Technical Update

After dumping a bottle of beer onto my laptop, the keys "t" and "7" aren't working anymore. Great news, as my computer still isn't up and running. Fortunately, I can use the external keyboard and it seems the damage is limited to the keys.

B) Bed Update

Much pushing, pulling and swearing moved my huge bed to the opposite side of the room where I discovered that it is 1cm too long for where I wanted to put it. Left it there anyway, everybody assured me it looked good where it was. Rearranging the furniture has had the disadvantage that my stereo now sits rather forlornly in the middle of the room as there is, alas, no more room for it. I sincerely hope that my parents will pick up my old bed this weekend or else I will not be able to access my closet anymore.

C) Life Fairness Update

Nope. Not at all. (Sounds of gnashing teeth) While I was rearranging stuff I found old love letters adressed to me and of course had to read them. Why? I knew it would make me sad. But I did anyway. And it did make me sad. At least I could have said: "Told you so!" to myself. But somehow it did not seem any fun to be smarter than myself.

D) What else?

Discovered that there are so few cigarettes in a pack nowadays that when you open the pack the cigarettes are already very loose.
Played Skat with Diana and Ulisch. While we probably are the best Skat-Players in existence we should never ever go to trial in front of Skat court as we would surely lose big time.
Now I'll go watch the new Buffy episode as that is the only thing that can make me reconciled with C)

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