Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Topic: Just Shoot Me

Either it's the onset of Alzheimer's Disease or I'm becoming totally braindead. Saturday afternoon, I parked my car in the spot where the schoolbus stops (school days only). I had planned to move it in time, i.e. before Monday morning. Today, I went out shopping with my parents. When I returned, I suddenly remembered the car. Oh, no!!!!...Ran to the bus stop...it was gone. Called the police to find out where they towed it. Turns out the police has no record of the car. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....then I remembered that I went out on Saturday and had parked the car at Ulisch's. How embarassing. To quote my roommate's boyfriend: "I've known many people to lose many things, but I've never encountered anybody who lost their car."

What did I buy? A new bed because my back hurts like crazy on my current bed. The only thing is it came in a small package and I am afraid I'll have to put every single slat in place by myself. I'll report back tomorrow and tell you how it went.

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