Monday, June 16, 2003

Today I went to work and did exactly the same thing I am supposed to to for my final paper but am procrastinating: entering data from questionnaires. Drove me nuts at work, too. Somehow I think I might be a dyslexic typist. I don't think I ever managed to type "sport". "Sprot". It was always "sprot". Also, I never fail to convert each and every "Sch" I encounter to "Shc". At least I entered everything and hence can do more challenging work tomorrow.

Wanted to work on my paper now, but unfortunately feel rather sick. My roommate has been moping around for a couple of days now and I think I might have caught whatever it is he's dragging around. Strange how fast everything went down the drain, though. One minute I was feeling fine, the next I thought: "Hm, my throat is a bit sore", and now my throat is somewhat swollen, my eyes tear and my nose feels like antibiotics might be in order sometime next week. But I still hope for the best and am going to bed now with my little Winnie-the-Pooh hot water bottle. Nothing helps like a Winnie-the-Pooh hot water bottle. Try it sometime.

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