Tuesday, August 26, 2003


I have finished. Yes, you've read correctly. Ended, done with, stopped, completed. My paper, that is. Well, don't break out the confetti just yet, because I now have to send it to my tutor to get feedback before I turn it in and I have the feeling that it's really bad. Bad, bad, bad. Bad to the bone. Rotten to the core. It stinks. But nevermind, at least it's 48 pages of crap. Crap and huge graphics :) 4 cm margin, too (hey, I looked, it's them rules of the APA which I actually DO have to obey). No matter what my tutor says I'll just overhaul the gravest errors and then turn it in. Yay.

Then again, I printed it out today (of course my printer isn't working and my roommate's printer has no black ink left) and then I read it nicely done in blue and at least it didn't seem like it wouldn't get a passing grade. That's the important point.

What else?

Been watching the Athletics World Cup (or whatever it's called) and felt sorry for the people who have been training and training and training and then messed up on race day for one reason or another. Or - like that Austrian girl who accidently stepped into a piece of glass - didn't even make it to race day. It's one thing when you compete and come in fourth. It's quite another thing when you step up to the plate, slip and lose your hammer. Or get disqualified because somebody else made a false start and you flinched. Sad, really.

My football team, on the other hand, won their game today. I am undecided whether this is a good thing as it was really worse than the opposing team (my brother's, by the way) and payback on Saturday will be terrible (Instant Karma, I reckon). And Saturday is what counts. I guess I'll just have to ignore them one more time. Or buy a decent forward. Then again, my last buy scored twice, so maybe he was a good investment.

Did some online shopping. Bought
1. a scratching post for the cats
2. jogging pants
3. a peppermill
at Tchibo's
4. an undisclosed amount of books (worth the GNP of a small country) at Amazon.
Am thinking of driving to IKEA in the near future. Try dissuading me, please. Please. My account will thank you.

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