Thursday, September 11, 2003

Today was my last day at the Astro Show. No more astrologic predictions for me. I was assessed as having pisces in da house today. Well, apart from my roommate, there's no pisces anywhere in my house. I am a taurus with ascendent leo, thankyouverymuch. (I'll refrain from cracking the old joke that there might be pisces in Uranus). Anyway. Over and done with. At least I am supposed to have a superb September. Hello, September?? I am waiting. But September is still young and might have something in store for me.

Up to now it's been like pretty much every month. Turning points in store:

For the worse: the 15th, when they might reject my paper

For the better: the 24th, when I am allowed to turn it in.

After that, everything's just fine and dandy. No, not really, but I figure none of that has anything to do with what I do. After all: "BUT IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER." (Sometimes it's really trying to stick to that motto, but what can I do. Nothing. That's what.)

The motto thing reminds me that today when running I kept my fruit bar (I had only bought one energy bar which was stolen!!) close to my body at all times and it turned out to be really good. If you're interested, look here. The "Fitness Bar" is the one that got stolen, so I have no idea how that tastes, but the "Fruit Bar" (somewhere at the bottom) was one of the best bars I have eaten so far (and I've tried quite a lot). But you're probably not interested. Yes, my life IS boring :)

Still haven't figured out what to do with the huge box the cat scratching tree came in. I am really looking forward to the day I am finishing the paper because that's the day I'm planning to finally clean up my room. Cookie Cat has got a runny nose. I hope that's normal. Otherwise she seems OK. I am calling her Miss Wet Nose as she keeps sticking it into my face. Yep, boooring.

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