Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The Wonder Twins

I had a fun evening today on my quest for meat!!!. When I rode my bike home from work I saw my brother's car. Obviously he was looking for a parking space. I went inside and inserted my key in the lock when I heard somebody coming up behind me. I turned around to greet my brother but no! It was Marco. I let him inside and we waited for my brother. Then the doorbell rang, I opened the door and - surprise! This time it was my brother, but I had a strange sense of déjà vu, because he was wearing the exact same thing as Marco. Mwahahaha! Really conspicuous, too, a shirt with the Yeti on it :))) (Admittedly, Marco's was pinker as he had washed a red shirt with the white clothes once). Both also were wearing short cargo pants (they insisted they were dissimilar pants but I begged to differ).

Everybody else had no desire for meat!!! so me and the Twins went out by ourselves. I had 16 ribs, my brother 21 and Marco won by 2 ribs with 23 (because he had confused the waitress by ordering iced coffee with the ribs, he got more than we did). We then did try to cast a bone oracle but it only predicted a horrible death and that our remains would be roasted over an open fire to be eaten for only 6,49 Euros.

If that doesn't satisfy you, here's a bone oracle for you to try out.

I just wish I had had a camera to document the evening (I actually had one but the battery turned out to be gone.

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