Monday, September 15, 2003

Hooray! I just have returned from university where I managed to register my paper and now everything is set, if I can manage to turn it in before next Tuesday. Phew.

First I'll give you a fun link with optical illusions. Whoa...

Then I'll tell you about my weekend. It all started on Friday. If you look down you'll notice the time of my last entry. Half past one. If you know my weekend schedule, you know that I get up early to run my marathon training long runs. But to go to bed at half past one is OK, provided I get a good night's sleep. Ha! At 5:30 a.m. my roommate's crazy Spanish girlfriend called about 6 times. When I went to answer the phone she stated she would arrive in 15 minutes. 15 minutes turned into 45...then she rang the doorbell. I seriously considered leaving her outside, but figured that wouldn't help my goal of getting some sleep, hence I let her in and went to bed.Apparently, she didn't stay, but threw some of his papers around and then left. I was so pissed I couldn't sleep until 7 a.m. Grrr.

But actually that turned out to be quite good, because I always need something to think about when I am running and I could think about how I would yell at her which got my adrenaline way up. 36 km? No problemo. At the end I could have yelled at her in English, German and even Spanish. I was really proud of the Spanish part, by the way. Alas, I couldn't put it into action as she hasn't shown up in our apartment since and now I am not pissed enough anymore :)

Instead, Silke and me went to IKEA and spent a fortune for furniture when my roommate moves out and we'll install a living room in our apartment.

And yesterday I didn't really do anything but finish my paper.

What else? Some people left: Marco has gone to Seattle to be trained in the art of Amazon, Alex has gone to Florida to not really do anything, and Jule went to Berlin to find an apartment, but has since returned (don't know how the apartment thing turned out, yet).

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